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In the unfortunate event that you come to me to be treated for a prostate or bladder issue and it turns out that you have cancer, I will be there every step of the way. The earlier I catch that cancer, the easier it is to treat... and the better the chances are for a good outcome.

Come to me for all urinary tract and reproductive system issues you may experience

As a urology clinic, we diagnose and treat more than bladder and prostate cancer. Below are our most common services:


- Kidney stones

- Prostate

- Urinary Incontinence

Other disorders we treat

Rest assured that your cancer will be rigorously treated with the most effective treatment options in the industry. The Dr. Grabato has over 35 years of experience and our talented staff understands your condition. We are here to help!

Rely on my knowledge

Get the knowledge you seek when it comes to treating your cancer. Our urologist will provide the best treatment options for the type of cancer you have.

Learn about your treatment options

I have experience with urinary tract cancer.  

Dr. Grabato and staff at office Dr. Rene P. Grabato